Five Escort Card Displays We Love

From one wedding to the next, we have the pleasure of seeing the creativity of every bride, groom and their planner/stylist shine through the little details. One of those details is the escort card display, also known as the way guests figure out where to sit for the long-awaited dinner! There are so many we could choose from, but you can see five of our favorites below. Hopefully you draw some inspiration from them and put your own spin on your display!


1. The classic window display

We love this look because of how clean and organized the names appear. As you can see in the photo, Vanessa and Adam’s photos were able to be on display alongside their guests’ names. This display method is timeless!


2. The elegant frame display

This beautiful gold frame is a great way to point guests to their seat at the dinner table. Topher and Frankie’s wedding was traditional and classic (see our last blog post for more photos!), and this display was nothing short of both of those descriptors!

3. The versatile wood plank display

Raymond and Kerry’s summer wedding made use of woods, golds, and florals. We love how they used the circles to display each table creatively. This type of idea can easily be used for your own wedding with your personal touches - it leaves room for small changes while maintaining the overall integrity of the piece.


4. The wine-lovers’ display

You don’t have to be a wine lover to appreciate this escort card display! Ben and Rebecca’s wedding at Fleetwood Farm Winery put their drink of choice on display, even in the small ways. Corks are the perfect detail for many aspects of a wedding, and this couple used them in a classy and creative way.


5. The “out of the box” display

Come on - you have to love this amazing display as much as we do! This is the type of escort card display that is truly out of the box (even though Lisa and Shane made great use of boxes). It’s also the perfect way to show your guests how thankful you are for them.