Meet the Team: Five Questions with Mitchell Bryant

Today’s team introduction is with Mitchell Bryant, a longtime member of SSP and friend of Sam. We did a quick interview with him to find out more about who he is - read his answers below!

1. Where are you from?

Lynchburg, Virginia

2. How did you begin working for SSP?

I first met Sam in 2012 at a wedding trade show. We were both there to meet with potential clients and book weddings. Funny thing is I didn’t book a single that day... but I did meet Sam. Not only did I hire Sam to photograph my own wedding, we formed a relationship and began working together almost immediately. Fast forward, it’s no exaggeration to say I’ve now shot hundreds of weddings with SSP, and consider Sam a close friend. 

3. What is your favorite part about shooting weddings and engagements?

I’ve been shooting weddings for 10 years now, and without a doubt the best part of it is the couple and how quickly you become a part of their lives. The weddings can have similar styles throughout the years, repeating venues, etc., but the couple is what makes each day/weekend unique and special. I don’t remember great weddings, I remember great couples. The amount of love I get to experience and be around every weekend is truly special. Witnessing that real, tangible love in such high concentration is a beautiful thing to be a part of. 

4. Where is your favorite place you’ve ever traveled?
Jackson, Wyoming (I’m a sucker for the mountains) 🏔 

5. What is your go-to fuel for long wedding/event days (if coffee, what do you specifically go for)?
First thing - a Chocolate Chip Clif Bar and a Red Bull.  Once it gets late, pour on that bottomless reception coffee. Single origin? Probably not. Single destination? My face.