I am constantly looking for ways that SSP can partner with and highlight organizations that are seeking to help those in need. A few weeks ago I came across an initiative called Mosaic started through a church here in Lynchburg, Virginia. I am not one to stand on a soap box and say much, but let me just say that its through adoption initiatives like this and others that I have seen friends blessed, and have had myself, experience life change through the process of adoption. I will have more ways you can help and more ways you can volunteer your time later, but in the meantime please take a look here, Mosaic, and watch this video of a family who forever changed the lives of those they adopted.

Remember, this isn't just for entertainment. We want you to partner with us in making a difference in someones life forever. Figure out a way to volunteer your time, effort and money to this. We will have more later!

2011 In Review

It is hard to believe that 2011 is a few days from being over. It seems like we blinked, and end to end, it is coming to a close. But we had a memorable year. For me it wasn't about the amount of weddings we shot. It wasn't about the awards or recognition. Our mission has always been to create something that lasts forever and to be able to be a part of creating a legacy that our clients can keep forever. This year we got to do that. And we got to do it with the best people in the world. Below is just a small sample of some the moments we were able to share with you guys. Thanks so much to you, for making 2011 our best year.