See Below to Download Images either all at once or 1 by 1!


You can choose to download ALL images at once by selecting the the "download all" option on the home page of your gallery

(See below Figure Below) 

Once you select the "Download All" Option it will ask you for your email and 4 digit pin. If you don't have a pin email to request a new one! 

You also can select and download a single image by clicking on the image you want to download and selecting the "Download" option at the top (See Figure Below) 

You can also choose to download only a select few "favorites" all at one time by hovering over the images you want to select as your favorites and clicking on the "heart" icon on each image. This will aggregate each image you favorite into an entirely separate collection you can download all at once. 

(See Figure Below) 

You can see in the image below the "favorites" selected and the option "Download" those favorites

Once you select the option to "Download" your favorites you will be asked to provide your email and 4 digit pin


If you have any further questions feel free to fill out the form below and we will get back to you as soon as we can!

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